Corrie is currently Assistant Professor of Theatre in the School of the Arts at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Kentucky.

Teaching Philosophy

My position as an educator is to empower students to take charge of their own present, and to equip them with the skills necessary to be productive professionals and conscientious citizens.  I fully believe in the philosophy of educating the whole person.  An undergraduate degree in theatre arts is an extremely flexible and practical foundation for a student to continue on into a wide variety of professions or graduate school.  Some of the tactics I use in the classroom to promote this type of well-rounded education include: script analysis, scene study, audition techniques, journaling, improvisation, physical exploration, class discussion, and the expectation of being prepared.  These assignments promote problem solving, ensemble work and experience-based application.

One of the dynamics that appeals to me most in the field of teaching is that there will always be new things to learn and new ideas to explore.  I constantly challenge myself to learn something new as I prepare to teach and when I am in the classroom.  My hope is for my students to catch on to my enthusiasm for learning so that they will look forward to their own path of discovery.  My goal is to create an environment that is safe, challenging, dynamic, and vibrant.

A Few Courses Recently Taught at the University

Acting Two – a physical approach to creating characters through the techniques of Michael Chekhov and Rudolf Laban

Voice Two – utilizing the work of Patsy Rodenburg, F. M. Alexander, and Kristin Linklater this course looks integrate breath, voice, speech, movement, and text

Performing Shakespeare – embodying heightened text (for advanced acting students)

Audition Techniques – preparing students for “real world” auditions as well as graduate school interviews and auditions

The Alexander Technique – this course is designed to help students breathe, speak, and move with greater ease and freedom

Community Engagement

Working with The Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services, Corrie will be using The Alexander Technique to help high school teachers be more effective through reflective experiences in self assessment. She will be leading workshops and summer camps on the campus of Northern Kentucky University.

Research and Creative Activity

Collaborating with playwright and professor, Kim Pereira, I am currently developing a one person show titled The Mythology of Women based on three women from sacred texts. I am interested in how these women evoke freedom, strength, and beauty not just through the actions of the characters, but through the language they speak. I am also interested in creating an educational addendum for this performance to help women (actors and non-actors) discover the freedom, strength, and beauty of their own voice and body. I believe women need to be seen and heard. Through theatre arts, I’d like to help individuals find their voice.

Collaborating with The Norton Neuroscience Institute in Louisville, Kentucky, Corrie’s current Alexander Technique research surrounds helping people who suffer from non-epileptic seizures. The hope is to lessen the frequency and strength of seizures in these patients.

Professional Associations

Southeastern Theatre Conference

Association of Movement Theatre Educators

Theatre Communications Group


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