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Corrie plays the supporting role of Jesse Orcutt in the feature film “American Pastoral” based on the Pulitzer Prize novel by Philip Roth. Directed by Ewan McGregor, staring Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly, and Dakota Fanning. Due out in theatres October 2016. View the trailer here: American Pastoral

Corrie also plays the supporting role of Betty Ireton in the feature film “A Kind of Murder” based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith. Directed by Andy Goddard, starring Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. View the trailer here: A Kind of Murder

Collaborating with The Norton Neuroscience Institute in Louisville, Kentucky, Corrie’s current Alexander Technique research surrounds helping people who suffer from non-epileptic seizures. The hope is to lessen the frequency and strength of seizures in these patients.

Summer 2016: Corrie successfully completed her Teacher Certification in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium

October 2016 Corrie will be directing Grapes of Wrath for the School of the Arts at Northern Kentucky University.




Shot like a stone from a sling through the air

Shouting and laughing with delight

Headforemost she plunges into the approaching wave

         Pride’s Crossing” by Tina Howe

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